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Organik Madencilik Dünya Basınında!

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Organik Madencilik Dünya Basınında!

Turkey is now, when heated to 10 times with growth feature “mysterious mine the so called ‘ Vermicutyl minesells it in Sivas and sells it to the world.

Used in fields ranging from agriculture to industry, with a 10-fold growth enigmatic mineral properties when heated, processed and marketed to the world removed for the first time in Sivas in Turkey.

Used in many areas

In Turkey we had to import up to a recent date for which no production Vermikütil We now mine the mine in Sivas and export it to the world after processing. The mine, which attracts attention with its 10 times growth feature when heated, is used in many fields from agriculture to industry. Extracting this newly recognized Turkey’s Sivas Yıldızeli mining village in the district Karakoc and lid. Young entrepreneur Baris Gazanfer Yildirim The mine, which has been heat treated and used in the factory established by the company, is exported to many countries in the world, from Canada to Australia.

There are useful elements in it

General Directorate of Mineral Technical Exploration Vermiculite deposit detected by the 1990s was launched by Yıldırım in 2004. R&D studies then it was brought to the economy of the country. Yıldırım, in 2016, Production Award of the Dormitory Mining Development Foundationwhat was awarded.

Providing information about the work, which is the first of its kind in Turkey Baris Gazanfer YildirimStating that the mine is a natural mineral, “Vermiculite mineral is an industrial raw material. There are more than 3 thousand minerals in nature. It is one of them. This mineral contains elements that are especially useful in agriculture such as magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, a natural mineral.” said.

Expands when heat treated

Yıldırım said that the raw material became lighter despite its expansion when it warmed up.The most important feature of this mineral is its expanding and lightening feature when it is heat treated. In this way, there is a usage area that provides light but necessary minerals to the plant. For this reason, this material is used both abroad and in our country. Despite being organic, the rate of use in our country is unfortunately much lower than other chemical fertilizers. We see that chemical fertilizer is a big problem in the world now. Shown as causing many diseases” said.

Has water retention

Yıldırım stated that the mine gained water retention after being heat treated,This material feeds the plant organically. Since it expands when it is heat treated, its water holding capacity is quite strong. Since it keeps the water in it, it can transfer the water it keeps after irrigation to the plant.” said.

Exported to many countries

Stating that they export the product to many countries, Yıldırım said, “From Australia to Canada. We export to the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico from America. We also give our products to the domestic market. Currently, this product is imported in our country. Our aim is to benefit our country by preventing imports and increasing our exports.” said.

MTA found in 1990

Vermicutil mine in Sivas Mineral Exploration Search (MTA) Reminding that he was in 1990 by Yıldırım, “Soundings were made by MTA in the 90’s. Unfortunately, it has not been converted into investment and brought into production. Some companies have tried but have not been successful. Because it required a serious R&D to separate it from stone and soil. We worked with experts from abroad. As a result, we established a factory that can manufacture“He said.

Can be used in domestic car

Stating that Vermiculite mine is used for brake lining and motor insulation of electric cars, Yıldırım said that this domestic mine can also be used in the national automobile:

This mine is also used in brake pad construction. This mine is used in brake pads of expensive and high-tech vehicles. I hope this mine will be used in the brake pads of our domestic cars in the following years. We can make the safety materials of our national cars with our own and national material. It can also be used as an insulating material in electric cars as it has an electrical insulation feature.